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Host a Blade 3 Wine Tasting Party


Blade 3 Wine tasting parties are $5 per person to sample all 7 wines which is a 2 oz sample of each which is 14 oz of wine equivalent to 2 1/2 glass of wine .......


10 person minimum 


Guest will receive discount on full bottles regularly $15 they can purchase full bottles for $12 each or 2/$20

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Host a Blade 3 Wine Paint & Sip Party 

Blade 3 Wine Paint and Sip Parties....

We provide the unlimited wine

We provide cheese and cracker tray or fruit tray

We provide the paint canvas and supplies

You provide the space

You provide the picture of your choice

$30 per person

10 person minimum

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Blade 3 Wine Party Favors

Blade 3 Wine Party Favors


187ml bottles

$2.25/ Bottles


Favors available with customized label of choice


50 minimum